Risk-Free, No Obligation Football Apparel

Wow. What a concept!

3 Steps to a Risk-Free, Successful Football Apparel Campaign

Take PRE-PAID orders using our FREE Custom Order Form

We've done custom apparel for thousands of
teams. Using a order form is the BEST way to get
started. Here's why:

  • No Inventory
  • Let people buy what they want!
  • No Money Risk!
  • No Obligation
  • No Guesswork
  • No Wasted Resources

The best place to get started is with
your players and their families. Get
an order form in their hands ASAP!


Choose a design & prices that will ADD to your success.

(The right design/price combination will greatly improve your apparel success)
Football Apparel Price Guidelines
T-shirt $8 to $12
Long Sleeve T-shirt $12 to $20
Crewneck Sweatshirts $15 to $20
Hooded Sweatshirts $20 to $30
Specialty Hoodies $35 to $50
Performance T-shirts $12 to $20
Sweatpants $20 to $29
Tie Dyes $15 to $25
Blankets $25 to $40
Jackets $35 to $99
These price guidelines
were developed with the
help of over 20,000
school groups.

Make Football Apparel available for a limited-time.

By making your apparel "selectively" available, your ability to sell it improves dramatically. The pre-sell approach will empower you to be in complete control of what you offer.

Once your have collected your orders, submit the details to us. That's it!

By following these 3 simple steps, we promise you a very successful apparel campaign.

Why take risk with football apparel when you don't need to?
Keep money in your program, not in boxes of unsold merchandise.